Bysshe Court’s History

Bysshe Court Farm derives its name from the ancestors of Sir Edward Bysshe who were lords of the manors of Burstow and Horne, and also owners of the manor of Bysshe, or Bysshe Court.  Sir Edward was born in Smallfield, which sits in the parish of Burstow, in around 1615.  Apart from being a renowned Barrister, he was also was the Garter King of Arms and MP for Bletchingley.

In 1654 he was chosen to be Burgess (a political official or representative) for Reigate in Surrey, to serve in ‘the little parliament’ which met at Westminster on 3 Sept. 1654 and was later returned as MP for Gatton in 1658.

Bysshe also appears in the name of one of our most famous and romantic poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley, also born in Sussex in 1792, so it might just be that our farm is related to one of the most romantic poets in history; how appropriate for a wedding!

Part of the original farm comprises a barn constructed at the time Sir Edward would have been resident and this has now been restored to provide a wonderful wedding venue  between mid-March and the end of October.

Work still continues at the farm every day of the year to produce milk and you might be lucky enough to see some of the farm’s animals when you visit to check out the venue for your wedding.  Horses are also kept on site and are stabled close to the entrance to the wedding barn.  It’s a really charming entrance for your guests to enjoy!

The wedding barn has seating for 100 people; table and chairs are included in the rental. Have a look at the gallery of our barn.  If you would like to make an appointment to see the barn in person, contact Tracey and she can give you a tour.

canon-camera-lineiconWhere we are

Our location

Located in Horne, Surrey, a short drive from Gatwick, you will find the Bysshe Court Farm, a working dairy farm.
Need directions to get to Bysshe Court farm, see this page.