Back in the Barn for Weddings!

Host your Wedding Reception in our 17th Century Barn

What a year and a half it has been.  We really don’t need to go into too much detail about how all our lives have been affected by Covid19 since early 2020.  It has caused a lot of suffering for all of us and our hearts go out to any of you who have lost loved ones or been adversely affected in a variety of other ways from the pandemic.

For Mark and I, it has also been difficult.  We had finished the renovation of our beautiful 17th Century Barn into a perfect barn wedding reception venue just a month before the pandemic struck.  Using up most of our available money to convert the barn, meant that the last year and a half has been a real struggle, we are not ashamed to admit.

Weddings having been banned for so long has also been very challenging for any of you trying to plan your perfect wedding day.  Travel restrictions, the cap on numbers at wedding receptions, ever-changing rules on weddings; it’s all been tremendously difficult to plan either your wedding, or your wedding reception.  Many of you have had to postpone getting married for the last 2 years!

Thankfully, in the last few months, weddings have been back on in our barn and we’ve been honoured to welcome some wonderful couples hosting their receptions.  We want to congratulate all our newly married couples since the covid19 wedding restrictions were lifted; Bianca and Eren, Sian and Neil, Gemma and Lewis, Shannon and Sam, Emma and Mike, Lily and Dan, Erik and Sam, Barbara and Phil, Mags and David, Amber and Sally, Christine and Paul and Martine and Jorge.  Each of their wedding receptions was beautiful and so individual; I’m always staggered by the imagination and originality of our couple’s ideas for their perfect wedding reception.  There are so many fun ideas for a wedding reception that I need to write a whole Blog on that subject (and I will)!

In order to help you in your wedding planning, I’ve included the latest government Step 4 guidance in respect of covid19 and your wedding at the bottom of this Blog.  In short, thank goodness, there are no longer restrictions in place.  You are free to plan your perfect wedding and wedding reception without worrying!

In order to help with your planning, if you host your wedding reception at Bysshe Court Barn, we can help you with many of the things you will need to organise. In fact, dear betrothed, we completely understand how daunting a task this all is.  If it’s not enough just getting married, it’s the stress of where to get married, where to hold the reception, who to invite, who not to invite, etc., etc.   Whilst we can’t advise you on whether to invite Aunt Norma (because she once punched Uncle George after a few too many), we can help you with the practical steps for planning your wedding reception in our barn.

Wedding flowers; don’t worry, we work with some amazing florists!

Wedding photography (quite possibly one of the most important aspects of your wedding); we also work with great, imaginative photographers.

We’ve also got great contacts for catering your wedding reception in all sorts of ways, from a fish and chip van to sit-down, 5-course gourmet meals.

We’ve also got the fantastic option of glamping or camping at the Farm so that no one has to worry about being the designated driver.  We can organize some very nice glamping tents to be erected so you and your guests have only a few meters to walk (or stagger) back to a comfy bed.  If you don’t want to go the glamping route, then you are welcome to bring your own tents with a small charge for use of the camping field.

However you want your wedding reception to be, we can make it happen in our barn.  Just use the contact us page of the website to send us an inquiry.  Let us help you organize the best wedding reception possible!

The following is from the UK Gov Website:

From 19 July

The rules for wedding and civil partnership ceremonies; and wedding receptions and civil partnership celebrations changed. At Step 4:

  1. There are no legal restrictions on the number of people that can attend a wedding, civil partnership, reception, or celebration.
  2. Legal requirements for social distancing no longer apply and you do not need to stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with.
  3. Face coverings are no longer required by law in any setting.
  4. COVID-secure rules, including table service requirements and restrictions on singing and dancing, no longer apply.

Yippeeeeee!  Let’s get married!